If pop punk continues down this path of “woe is me, the girl didn’t like me” it’s going to end up as the official genre of fedora wearing “nice guys”. Fucking quit it.

finally someone said it

pop punk is the pansy ass fedoralord bronies of music

hasnt that been pop punk since the beginning of time though? what fucking path?

(via atlantic-garbage-patch)

can someone please buy me a deluxe harmontown release? so many hours of harmon. so many. <3 _ <3

div iii is so hard what the fuck why did i take two classes what the fuck is wrong with me WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME COME ON GUYS

from now on when people make a comment about how ocd they are because one out of place tile makes them annoyed or because they happen to like their clothes in order of color im gonna start aggressively trying to bond with them over compulsions until they admit that they’re just saying it to mean neat or slightly neurotic and that in the end, the out of place tile wont actually send them into a crippling anxiety attack