Okay the celebrity nudes thing has got me thinking

I’m seeing a lot of outrage feminists talking about how sharing nudes under particular conditions doesn’t equal consent for them to be shared publicly

But the thing is I see a lot of those same people sharing porn that is posted on tumblr -…

Conditional consent is a privilege only for Nice Women Who Aren’t Setting Feminism Back. If you’re doing it for money, well…

this is a wildly important point



so basically if you reblogged Jennifer Lawrence’s nudes (or any of the other nudes in this /b/ leak) (ESPECIALLY if you claim to be a feminist and take up space in feminist discussions) please turn in your feminist card at the door and do not apply again until you’ve written an essay (of no less than 10,000 words) about why you’re a little shitboy, why what you did was inexcusable, and how you plan on making it up to every person who’s ever had this disgusting thing happen to them

then sit the FUCK down until those of us at the ShitBoy Pseudo-Feminist Review Board decide your case.

just gonna keep reblogging this srynotsry

Merchandise – After the End | Reviews

the semester is about to start so I’m gonna be using this tumblr a lot more often. follow it for record reviews and updates on my thesis crap! :D

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"She doesn’t storm," he said, looking away into empty space. "When she’s angry, she sits, and when she’s sad, she sits. If she was ever happy, she’d just sit, I think."

Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia (via petrichorandpie)

wow reading that paragraph hit me right in a lot of feels

this and the book before it, the thief, changed my entire life.

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(via spaceman-spliff)

important things right now